Laura Sefkow

Laura makes jewelry for wizards, and for people who really, really wish Bigfoot was real and would be their best friend.  She is super excited to be selling her pieces at Dysfunctional Grace Art Co in the historic Ybor district of Tampa.  She enjoys cats, art, horror culture,  tattoos, Hearthstone, and cats.

Jason Gronvold

Jason is a screen printer and would love to bring your idea for a t-shirt in Tampa to life. He sells his designs at Dysfunctional Grace in Ybor City. Jason is also a cinematographer and photographer.  He's worked on many music, film, and TV projects around the country.  Jason co-owns House, and works in an office on-site.  His hobbies include building computers, treasure hunting at estate sales, and collecting ridiculous amounts of archaic media.


Joanna Sefkow

Joanna can work in literally any medium.  Currently a student at Minnesota College of Art and Design, Joanna created the adjacent self-portrait during her first-ever oil painting class.  She also excels at sculpture, print-making, multi-media, performance art, and music.  Her passion is animation, using miniature physical sculptures she creates.  In her free time, Joanna enjoys traveling, singing Wizard Metal, and arguing.

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 8.55.47 PM.png

Abby Cline

Abby is a trick-dog trainer, artist, and carney.  She lives like a turtle, carrying everything she owns around with her in a giant RV named Babzilla.  You can see many of her photographs and drawings on display at House of Epicurus.  You can also catch Abby's traveling dog show at tons of fairs and theaters around the country during the spring, summer, and fall months.  She takes the winter off to relax and refresh here at House.